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Recorded 1976

1. Hama’avir Banav (Composer unknown)
2. Hashkiveinu by S. Secunda (Solo: C. Band; Duet: M. Zaidel/B. Cooper)
3. V’sham’ru by S. Naumberg
4. R’tze by Schlosberg ( Solo: B. Cooper)
5. Ki Lekach Tov by Knobelman
6. Ahavat Olam by S. Secunda (Solos: C. Band;M. Zaidel; G. Bolel; S. Dick)
7. R’tze Vim’nuchateinu by I Alter (Duet: B. Cooper)
8. Al Tirah  by S. Alman (Solo: C. Band)


Recorded 1980

Ad Heina – A.M. Himelstein
Hallelu – J. Talmud
R’tze – M. Ganchoff / P. Kowarsky
Adon Olam – P. Kowarsky
Eshet Chayil – M. Davidson
Shehecheyanu – M. Machtenberg
Shir Hamaalot – P. Kowarsky
Rabbi Chananya – M. Mendelson / B. Miller / P. Kowarsky
Yibaneh Hamikdash – M. Yardeini


Recorded 1990

Mitratseh B’rachamim – D. Kusevitsky
Yism’chu – P. Kowarsky
Umip’nei Chataeinu – J. Wassilkowsky
Sim Shalom – P. Kowarsky
Halbein Chataeinu – M. Hershman
Shalom Aleichem – P. Kowarsky
Vehaya B’acharit Hayamim – P. Jassinowsky
Essa Einai – A.M. Himelstein


Recorded 1999

L’dor Vador
V’eirastich Li
Sh’ma Yisrael
Sh’ma B’ni
Al Hanissim
Hashem Ro-i
Sim Shalom
Yoshev B’seiter Elyon
Shim’i Vat (Duet: Kim Kowarsky)
Shir Hamaalot

All music composed by Cantor Paul Kowarsky


Recorded 2001

Libiamo from La Traviata by Verdi
Recondita Armonia from Tosca by Puccini
Ideale by Tosti
Un Di Felice from La Traviata by Verdi
Shehecheyanu by R. Schlossberg
V’chol Hachayim by D. Kusevitsky
Dos Yiddishe Lied by S. Secunda
Ato Chonein by S. Mandel
Moishelach, Shloimelach by I Alter
My Hart Verlang Na Die Boland by H. Andreson
Exodus (Chappell Music Ltd.) by E. Gold


Recorded 2002

Lam’natseiach Shir Mizmor – D. Selzer
Hamavdil – J. Rumshinsky
Jerusalem Medley
V’hu Rachum – Y. Rosenblatt
Keil Melech Yosheiv – Shestapol
Machar – N. Shemer
My Hart Verlang Na Die Boland – Anderson
Hashem Roi – P. Kowarsky (Duet: Lewis Bloch)
Yiddish Medley
Areshet S’fateinu
Al Tira – S. Alman
Hal’luya – L. Lewandowski
Ani Ma-amin – M. Ben David, M. Laufer
Baruch Haba – Mombach

Published 2018

1. Donna Non Vidi Mai (‘Manon Lescaut’) — BY PUCCINI
2. O Sole Miu — BY DI CAPUA
3. Nessun Dorma (‘Turandot’) — BY PUCCINI
4. Mattinata — BY LEONCAVALLO
5. Recondita Armonia (‘Tosca’) — BY PUCCINI
6. Torna a Surriento — BY DE CURTIS
7. E Lucevan Le Stelle (‘Tosca’) — BY PUCCINI
8. Serenata” — BY TOSSELI
9. Mi Par D’udir Ancora (‘I Pescatori di Perle’) — BY BIZET
10. A Vucchella — BY TOSTI
11. Amor Ti Vieta (‘Fedora’) — BY GIORDANI
12. Santa Lucia — BY DE MEGLIO
13. “Una Furtiva Lagrima (‘L’elisir D’amore’)” — BY DONIZETTI
14. Parlami D’amore Mariu — BY BIXIO
15. Lamento di Federico (‘L’arlesiana’) — BY CILEA
16. My Hart Verlang na die Boland (‘Heidenooientjie’) — BY ANDRESEN
17. Ideale — BY TOSTI

Published 2018

1. Bring Him Home — BY SCHOENBERG
2. I’ll Walk with God — BY BRODSZKY
3. Yerushalayim — BY RAPPAPORT
4. Lo Teyda Milchama — BY CONTINIELLO
5. The End of Time — BY HOLDRIDGE
6. My Life for a Song — BY HOLDRIDGE
7. Nigunim – Chasidic — ARRANGED BY ZAZA
8. Hodu Lashem Ki Tov — BY POLLACK
9. Love is a Beautiful Song — BY DEMPSEY
10. I Believe — F. LAINE
11. Kol Dodi — BY NOVAKOVSKY
12. Iv’du Et Hashem B’simcha — BY FUCHS
13. Oh, Could I but express in Song — BY MALASHKIN
14. Al Zeh Haya Dave Libeinu — (COMPOSER UNKNOWN)
15. M’chalkeil Chayim B’chesed — P. KOWARSKY
16. Ki Lekach Tov — BY ROSEN/KOWARSKY