What follows is a series of articles written by Cantor Kowarsky, most of which were published in synagogue bulletins.

The Introduction to Cantor Shlomo Mandel’s book was written by Cantor Kowarsky when his mentor, Cantor Shlomo Mandel’s book was published by the Toronto Council of Chazzanim in September 1984.

The Precious Idea article is a letter which Cantor Kowarsky wrote to the editor of The National Post newspaper in February 2002, suggesting changes to some of the wording of The Canadian National Anthem. In 2017 one of these suggested changes was made by the Canadian Government.

Jewish Contributions to Music

The Possibilities of Prayer

Shabbat Shirah at Beth Tzedec

The Prohibition of Instrumental Music

Kol Nidrei

Special Services and Musical Programs

Precious Idea

Purify Our Hearts

The Music of Chanukah


The Origin of the Cantor

The Prayer Experience: Faith and Music

My Introduction to Cantor Shlomo Mandel’s Book

Chanukah with Cantor Paul Kowarsky in Venice